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Real Estate Title Searches

A real estate title search, also known as a property title search, is a search for documents on a specific property. The property title, which defines who has legal ownership of a home, might not contain all of the updated information about liens on the property. It also may not include a complete history of the property. Our real estate title search is comprehensive, so it looks for all local records and sources to uncover all available information about a property. Most importantly, a property title search will tell you who — besides the owner — has a claim on the home.


A property title search will also include any deed restrictions, which means it will tell you if there are limits to how the property can be used. For example, there might be a limit to the type of or amount of construction the city will allow on a property.  It’s best to know what you’re getting into before you purchase a property, so knowing the deed restrictions is essential.


A property title search will also reveal if there are any easements on the property. An easement is the right for another party to use someone else’s land. Sometimes this happens with utility companies, where the owner will allow the utility company to use part of their property; or if a property happens to stretch across a section of road, the owner will allow public use of the road.


Property boundaries are also included in the property title search. This might seem pretty straightforward if you have a fence or defined property division at the side of a driveway. But problems can arise if previous construction mistakes were made, so it’s important to know exactly where your property lines sit.

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Real Estate Closing Services

Whether you’re beginning to think about moving or you’ve already negotiated a price on a property, choosing the right company for real estate closing and title services is a big step. With so many considerations to keep in mind and decisions to be made, you’ll want expert guidance through every stage of the process.


Buying or selling a home is a big decision. We are ready to answer your questions and meet your needs, while providing valuable guidance throughout the process. Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth time to purchase or sell real estate, we offer homebuyer and home seller title services that include step-by-step guides, insurance products and insights that help you make the most of your investment.


By keeping your interests at heart, we make our real estate title and closing services an experience worth remembering. That makes it easier for you to focus on what matters most: the confidence you feel when buying or selling your home.

Real Estate Title Services Lexington KY
Real Estate Title Insurance Services Lexington KY

Lender’s and Owner’s Title Insurance

Whenever a new home is bought, a title is given to the purchaser which would be his right to own and use the property. Land may have many uses and rights could be given for all of those. There are chances that an individual who is other than the previous owner could have such usage rights on the property. A bank that has given mortgage loans on such property has the right to an interest in the property. Even a person who has performed any work and filed a lien against the property can have an interest in the same. Finally, the governing bodies may also have liens on the property for any tax dues or possess an easement that has rights to thread utility lines in the plot. Hence you would need protection against all these earlier right issues that could hit you any time after purchase. Title insurance will cover all such issues related to the title that have previously occurred. It requires a one-time payment, but protects homeowners and their heirs as long as they own the home.

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